Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Regarding Benjamin Franklin's Remarks on the Savages


     You begin your short essay by stating that both white men and Indians believe that their manners are appropriate and the only reason Indians are given the name "savage" is because their customs and manners differ from that of the white man. In my opinion, when the two cultures are compared, the customs of the white man appear to deserve the title of "savage" far more than the Indians. Although you do not directly say this in your essay, the stark contrast between the two cultures seems to make that argument for itself. You describe the Indians as polite, grateful, and kind people. Frankly, I could not agree more! I think the way in which you depict their way of life is inspiring especially when you write about the lengths they go to to avoid arguments and their extreme hospitality to all people. Their way of life is inspiring as well, especially compared to the white man's. The white men are so rude to the Indians and also invade their privacy. The differences you mentioned between the two cultures, which live in such close contact, is really surprising to me.

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